Wednesday, October 31, 2012

three photos that make me glad i didn't cut my hair

i have been going through a hair dilemma.  i have been thinking about going a little shorter (like this or even this) but then this past week i saw three photos that made me so glad i still have my long golden locks. i also realized i need to do more than wear it in a messy bun. how do you do your 'do?
top image, via here
middle image, via here
bottom image, via here

happy halloween!

happy halloween style cuddlers! 
who is going trick or treating?

stay safe out there! xo xo

image via here

Sunday, October 28, 2012

beat cabin fever! 9 things to do in hurricane sandy

stay safe, stay inside! looking for things to do during the storm? here's my list of things to do to ride it out!

01 snuggle in some slippers, and these minnetonka's are just the ticket.

02 this boyfriend fit shirt by madewell is possibly the softest chambray ever.

03 write snail mail! and how adorable are these stamps to create some fun stationery of your own? (via i heart luxe)

04 watch a favorite old movie on netflix - his girl friday is streaming on netflix. it's one of my favorites. the dialogue is snappy and the wit is sharp. i love it.

05 bake cookies! nothing beats a classic chocolate chip. when i make chocolate chip cookies i typically stick to the nestle tollhouse recipe on the packet but this jacques torress recipe sounds amazing. (image via grace's sweet life, who tested the recipe)

06 give yourself the perfect mani! i've been an essie girl over the past few years. new york nail salons got me hooked! but this set of winter hues from julep look stunning that i think i am going to have to give them a try. (via sephora) or, try some nail art! hello giggles has a pretty decent collection of nail art reader submissions for inspiration.

07 read a book cover to cover and that's easy to do with rookie's yearbook. this girl is definitely one of the coolest people ever. speaking of, have you seen this election video that leslie gore, tavi, and a bunch of other rad ladies put together? i wish i had submitted something but hey there's still time! so here's idea number 7B:  record your own and upload it to youtube with the hashtag #youdontownme (via tennessee thomas)

08 catch up on favorite blogs or discover some new ones. many bloggers list the blogs they love reading on their site.  you can see my list to the right, just scroll down and look under "blog love"! i've added a new one to the list - a piece of toast, run by two sisters out of dallas, tx. and hurricane sandy is the perfect excuse to read through the archives.

09 do a a diy project. get inspiration from these amazing bloggers: honestly wtf, i spy diy, ps i made this, stripes & sequins and designlovefest. i've got a ton of embroidery thread that i can't wait to do something with. (image via honestly wtf's post on diy friendship bracelets)

what are you doing to ride out the storm?

& stay safe style cuddlers xo

Sunday, October 21, 2012

autumn in new york

it's true what they say about autumn in new york... the city is beautiful this time of year.  the light is golden, the mornings are crisp and there is a buzz of making life happen. the holidays are around the corner and everyone is rushing to get things done before the madness. i love it. here are my picks to add some new york style to your outfits this fall, whether you are in city or not.
02 topshop flower box earrings (a little bit audrey hepburn a la breakfast at tiffany's-esque)
03 max & chloe new york skyline bangle
04 i heart nyc, and i also heart topshop's heart leather cutout gloves.
05 i just finished the rules of civility, set in new york city in the 1930s, early '40s. i couldn't put it down! have you read it?
06 han kjobenhavn timeless eyeglasses

Monday, October 15, 2012

you are my cup of tea

if you know me (& my family), we are potty about pots of tea. we love any excuse for "a cuppa" and seeing these makes me want to put the kettle on asap (especially if it's this giant strawberry one!!) and throw a little tea party of my own...
from top to bottom: 
martha stewart scone recipe (and there's 21, yes 21, different scone recipes to choose from)
trusted pg tips 
ted baker bracelet

Thursday, October 4, 2012

see it/ shop it: edie sedwick

edie sedgwick, 60s it girl and warhol muse is a modern style icon. her messy short blonde hair encouraged bold eye make up and oh so voluminous eyelashes. her accessories always packed a punch (a girl after my own heart on that one - i am loving these edie like earrings, not featured). inspired? i am! 

zget edie's sedwick style:

style illamasqua false eyelashes 
nars' andy warhol collection poppy eye palette
andy warhol iphone case (from the andy warhol museum store!)
dorothy perkins black & white striped dress (on sale)

edie image found here

Monday, October 1, 2012

let's get personal: my happiness project/ 30 day challenge

it's the first day of october.

it's crazy to think i sat down 10 months ago and mapped out my new year's resolutions.  i love the idea of a new year's resolution as a fresh start, a new beginning. i typically make one big resolution a year to introduce into my life: writing a blog (2012, yep - style cuddle is it!). going vegetarian (2009). working out everyday (2007). learning the ukulele (2011, oops i didn't do so well on that one).

but why should a new year's resolution only be once a year? what about doing something for yourself more regularly? that's why i love the idea of trying something new for 30 days - as inspired by this ted talk by matt cutts. cutts suggests doing just one thing you have always wanted to everyday for a month and see what happens. and i've been meaning to do a challenge since my friend shared this video with me last year.

it just so happens that i started reading the happiness project by gretchin rubin, a book basically about introducing simple life improvements to change your state of mind (her mantra is "act the way you want to feel").  rubin's idea of treating happiness like a practice and a 30 day challenge seem like a perfect marriage for an almost-the-end-of-the-year resolution. so into the next few weeks/months i want to do 1, a happiness project; and 2, a 30 day challenge. i'll let you know how it goes on november 1!

have you read the happiness project or done/would like to do a 30 day challenge? i'd love to know what you think.

image: cat deely for tatler october 2012, via here