Sunday, January 19, 2014

green monster

i don't know about you, but post holiday my jeans are tiiiggghhht. it's all about greens for me this month: from head to toe, i'm eating it, wearing it, loving it. here are some green picks. go get 'em slugger.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


it's cold here in new england right now. i mean, really really really cold. a polar, arctic kind of cold is sweeping through the north east as i type. wondering how to dress appropriately? banish your uggs & parkas & opt for fun & fabulous colors! warm up your winter woolies with a summery bright, like this unexpected coral. chapstick definitely required.
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Friday, January 3, 2014

hairy decisions...

dilemmas, dilemmas, dilemmas.  to fringe or not to fringe, that is the question.  i have had bangs forever.  i love 'em.  i really do.  but there are times that i hate 'em. how do they grow so darn quickly?! & how does that cow lick appear outta nowhere? more often than not, i feel scruffy in a matter of weeks after a haircut.  i know i can go and get fringe trims easily enough, but it just never ends up happening. & cutting them myself is out of the question - i've had wayyyy to many disasters when attempting to do that.

so, do i just go with it & grow 'em out?  or just keep doing what i've been doing? do you have bangs? how do you stay on top of them? do you have any tricks?

these ladies nail the no-fringe hairdo.

& here are some fab fringes.  obviously zooey deschanel's bangs belong in the fringe hall of fame:

or what about alexa chung? she's rocks the in between look, showing you can have your cake & eat it too.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

new year, hello 2014

2013 was both my year & also not my year. a lot of change happened. i get it now when people say change is scary. it really is. taking that leap into the unknown? knowing that you will stumble, fall, make mistakes? yikes! but then realizing you get to learn, grow & become a better person out of it makes it all worth it.

i must admit, i am happy to have 2013 done & over with. there is nothing like a new blank slate & a fresh start.  sure everyday you get the opportunity to start over again.  one of my favorite quotes from anne of green gables is: "isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?" but then again there is something symbolic about a new year to inspire new changes. i love resolutions. 

here are a few of my 2014 wants & wishes. i've started journal-ing again & have a longer list (some things ya just got to keep private, you know?) but here are a few i wanted to share.  what are your resolutions?  do you even believe in having them?  how do you stay focused? what is your mindset when it comes to a new year?
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