Saturday, April 27, 2013

eat it, wear it 01

i am testing out a new column on my blog, called eat it, wear it. so, i noticed that on pinterest, most of my pins are either of fashion/style and recipes.  & come to think of it, i probably spend just as much time thinking about the next meal i want to make as the outfit i want to wear.  so here ya go.  the best of both - a perfect pair, right?

02 bauble bar ombre chain strands
03 anthropologie lalina dress

Thursday, April 25, 2013

express #thedenimlab event

tuesday night i was invited to the express #denimlabevent at the ace hotel. what a fun party! there was a diy table to customize your denim... a photobooth where me and justin pulled a few crazy faces... there were djs and even a psychic using an ipad!?  plus a candy bar for a sugar rush.... oh, i had one too many gummy bears & one too many killer margaritas... & of course there was some pretty awesome company that all made for a great time.  added bonus?  i even walked away with a pair of boyfriend-style jeans - a spring trend i've been wanting to try!

 justin gives the psychic on a ipad a go...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

how to wear a scarf in your hair

i recently started a new job at a pr agency & one of the clients i help rep creates awesome, colorful and super unique scarves.  there are a few styles that i'd love to start wearing in my hair - especially as we move into warmer weather when long hair can get really hot! i also watched bomb girls on netflix earlier in the week when i was struck down with a little bug, and totally fell in love with the turban style the girls wore.

so here is some inspiration that's getting me started! do you have any tips?

Friday, April 5, 2013

cocktail cuddle

how adorable is this cocktail recipe 'zine? such a fun concept.  i used to read music 'zines back in college & using this format is like a more grown up version of diy awesomeness. so cute!