Monday, November 25, 2013

wayyyy after labor day

 ok, so we're wayyyy past labor day & errrr, almost into black friday. time to bend the lemming's rules about no white after labor day (icymi, that's a never been kissed reference). in that spirit, why not sport some white over the holiday season?

just don't forget your tide pen, via target:
& just cause:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

hey nyc, go to this!

my friend tennessee is hosting a bake sale at her shop, the deep end club, in the lower east side tomorrow night. the bake sale is to benefit the red cross in the philippines - so get your sweet teeth & your sweet toothed friends down there for this excellent cause.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

new england skin

this fall i made the decision to relocate back to new england. i haven't lived here since high school & while i've been back since for holidays & weekend getaways, living here feels wayyy different than visiting - especially when it comes to winter attire. as it started snowing yesterday - yes, beautiful huge white flakes - i realized that my little outfits that are perfect for nyc just can't handle the boston bitterness. wind chill factor anyone?

not to mention the accessorizing in boston. it's full on collegiate prep & ya know what, sometimes you just gotta embrace your inner prep especially when in massachusetts.  first line of new england duty: shedding my nyc skin for some new england winter essentials.


02 tote bag, ll bean (get it monogrammed)
07 hiking boots, frye (shearling lined is a must!)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

colour cuddle: pink eye

i've been obsessing over this colour pink lately.  it's like barbie dolls are hanging out with the pink ladies from grease, right?

images via here, here, here & here

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

currently cuddling: skirting the issue

this autumn/ winter i am seriously cuddling the dainty, flowy midi-skirt combo with an oversized chunky knit. here are my style cuddling tips for nailing this awesome autumn trend.

ok call me boring but i love, love, love marks & spencer's sweaters.  for you yanks, marks & spencers (or as the brits call it "m&s") is a staple for food, clothes & a few household items. i can't think of a usa equivalent (maybe a little bit like an upscale target?).  anyways. i digress.  as i was saying, i love m&s sweaters. the quality is amazing, you can machine wash them & the price point is super accessible. so when i was in the uk a few weeks ago i just couldn't get enough! well actually, i was pretty limited with space in my already oversized suitcase but you get the point.  i also just discovered they ship to the usa for free so i'm quite delighted to know i can get a fix whenever i want.

shown: the heart sweater is one of my little purchases & i picked up another sweater very similar to that adorable pointelle one shown.  & for 50 bucks, the black topshop tuille skirt makes a lust a must & you know me, i can never say no to polka dots or stripes so this midi skirt is definitely on my wishlist! accessorizing tips: this look definitely looks good with a heel! i'd go for a simple pump.

top images via here & here

Sunday, November 3, 2013

eat it, wear it 02

it is my aunt's birthday today & i am on cake duty.  i've been wanting to make a madeira cake (for those that don't know it - it's a yummy, very butter-y plain gateau) forever & when my aunt told me her favorite desserts are the more simple ones, i knew this was the perfect opportunity to test this basic but delicious cake out (see recipe below!).  i also thought this was the nice little chance to plan a eat it, wear it post! 

eat it, wear it: 

madewell pleated dress (on sale!) 

let the details have the fun with this cath kitson mushroom cardigan - how adorable are those mushroom pockets?

i've been loving bangles lately & am crushing on this personalized bangle from bauble bar. this mint green bracelet is a lovely addition to add with it

& uhhhh, this tote is amazing! i love it! it's ecologically printed & ethically made too. so what's not to love about it? 

make it 01: hanging on a thread

i'm up early, it's daylight savings today & i'm happily playing on pinterest & i came across this awesome project.  it's the london underground map but threaded! pretty cool, right? i have a thing for maps & just had to share it out.  i'm not too sure on the steps for how to make it, but looks simple enough with some nails, embroidery thread, pencil, ruler & a white painted board.  xo melissa
image via here