Thursday, January 31, 2013

the f-word

that's right kids, january is over.

it seems like forever ago we rung in the new year & thought about what we want to accomplish in 2013. goals were defined, minds were made & resolutions were set.  now, 31 days in: what’s happened to them? while statistics vary from source to source, all point to the fact that most resolutions go pear shaped within the first month.  many – including an earlier version of myself – would say, you failed. & i want to stop right there. 

you see, i have this thing against that word: failure. i want to remove it from my vocabulary completely. & from here on in i'm calling it the f-word.  my main problem with it is it sets you up.  it’s one sided.  there is no room for negotiation & it’s game over.  problematically, as a concept it’s fundamentally flawed.  it leaves out one vital clause: to err is human.

yet, failure carries a stigma. no one wants to even confess when they're wrong - so when it comes to admitting failure - good luck! even in the thesaurus, failure is tantamount with fiasco, letdown, disappointment, catastrophe. when really failure should just be a synonym for being par for the course. by default, it has to be factored in. i think the f-word should be (ok, this will sound cheesy) renamed the journey because, yes, it's par for the course.  

 & it’s the journey that i’m interested in.  

i've been thinking a lot about this over the past month.  i thought the recent study that found that when people tweeted about their diet, they lost more weight. social networking provided extra accountability to reach that objective.  but others feel different.  there's this great ted talk from a few years ago that says if you have a goal the best thing to do it keep it yourself. like mark twain has famously said: show don’t tell.  

doomed if you do, doomed if you don't right? & that's why i hate the f-word.

so those resolutions? tomorrow is february 1 after all. you have 11 more beautiful months to continue your journey.  (just maybe don’t tell anyone. jk! i’d love to know!).

tomorrow I’ll be posting tips to making resolutions last.  what has worked for you... & what didn't?

image via here

Monday, January 28, 2013

i heart you

how fabulous are these special valentine's day edition heart balloons from geronimo balloons? i'm swooning! i also love everything about the outfit: the coloured tights, the gold dress, the pink bow - such outfit inspiration!

Friday, January 25, 2013

to hairdo or not to hairdo

emma stone's February 2013 w cover & photo shoot.  no explanation needed.  but i'm loving her hair. i've been debating getting my golden locks cut a little shorter.  and emma stone's messy look is kinda my style.  super tempted to get it chopped of like this.  thoughts? to hairdo or not to hairdo? (i probably won't, at least not for a while. but so tempted!)

images via w magazine here

Thursday, January 24, 2013

interior envy

ever since i did my little diy bookshelf project a few weekends ago (before/ after), i've been lusting to do some more decorating.  maybe it's cause i'm inside a lot now - it's been a blustery -10c! yes, that is a negative sign folks! anyways, i digress.  while i love a lot of color, i like my 'base' to have a lot of white with splashes of colorful hues (like my new turquoise bookshelf).  i just find a clean, neutral base makes a space lighter, brighter & as a result, somehow bigger. this is important for me - especially in new york city where space is at a premium. when i stumbled on this living room/ dining space i had to share it with you guys. one day i'd love a space like this.

images via here

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

creativity exploration with labyrinth ear

i am on an inspiration hunt.  i am just so curious to know what inspires people to write, sing, act, do.  i asked my friend emily, singer & other half of the musical duo labyrinth ear, what are some of the things that influence her in the creative process.  she wrote: "the art of jiri trnka, a children's book illustrator and puppeteer is always an endless source of inspiration for me."  and wow, i can see why! when i look at the image emily sent over, i can almost hear the soft, hidden & magical layers of her & tom's music.

be sure to check out labyrinth ear here.
and aw, this is the lovely emily below. such a style cuddle, right?  she'll be contributing more to the creativity exploration over the coming weeks, so watch this space.

read more creativity exploration posts here.

Monday, January 21, 2013

cuddling up to the prabal gurung x target

i gotta admit, i am super stoked for the prabal gurung collab with target. i love how this collection is so bright and colorful (though i did kinda like this leather number i saw at his preview party with icb in the summer).  but the prabal gurung for target collection is much more me and the prices amazing. it's gonna be available on feb. 10 & here are some of the looks i am totally cuddling on.

top: blazer in floral crush print, $49.99 / long-sleeve tee in floral crush print / $19.99 shorts in floral crush print middle: sweatshirt in first date print, $29.99 / $29.99 tote in nolita print / wedge sandals in black/gray/white, $29.99 bottom: dress in first date print, $34.99

write it off

there's really nothing like sending & receiving something in the snail mail.  i love finding something other than a bill or magazine in my letter box.  it just brightens up my day.  but i think i love sending cards even more.  you see, i have a thang for stationery.  i kinda go a little nuts for it. let's be pen pals! here are my top picks that inspire me to start writing away.

write it on these fun paris vs new york postcard collection (via modcloth) & rifle paper set
draw it with this sharpie set, (via target)
color it with some le pen markers (via see jane work)
tape it with some polka dot washi tape (via paper source)
stamp it with "i often think of you" (via pink olive)

Friday, January 18, 2013

fun design, fun fashion

how cute are these outfit ideas for your getaway from anthropologie? & even if you aren't getting away, i'm cuddling pretty much everything they've feautured in this layout. & haven't they presented it in such a darling way? it looks like it should belong in a doll house! anthropologie always do their design so right. 

(some items pictured above): bear socks (way to cute!) // au lait pullover (on sale!) // colorblock trapper hat // lace trimmed cardigan // self reliance patchwork weekender //
(some items pictured above): daisy chain necklace (does someone want to get this for me?!) // winter weaves cardigan (also available in a fab green color, j'adore!) // striped sweater tee (on sale & doesn't it look like zooey deschanel's style? it would so be something jess would wear on the new girl!) // seafarers tote (love the nautical style)
(some items pictured above): color blocked tote // barnwood buckle boots // charleston blouse // cheetah drop waist skirt (i love this!)

creativity exploration from style within reach

this is the first post for my creativity exploration. i reached out to my friend caitlin who is doing all sorts of creative things.  between running her blog style within reach, editing for the glitter guide & starting a vintage & totally fabulous bar ware store, cin cin vintage - i wanted to know what kept her going.  caitlin presented me with this motivational quote and i thought that this would be a great entry to kick off the new series. 

 caitlin writes:
i saw this quote on pinterest a while back and it really stuck with me, so i typed it up, printed it out and hung it in my work space. i think it's important to have a focus each day - whether it's accomplishing a task list, or perfecting your week night dinner recipe or coming up with a brilliantly creative blog post. this quote really puts that idea into perspective.

what inspires you? whether it's an image, a photo, a song, a poem, a person - i'd love to know! get in touch with me at, tweet me @stylecuddle, find me on facebook or comment below. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

dress your tech with rifle paper iphone cases

rifle paper instagrammed their upcoming iphone cases & omg, so freakin cute right? they'll be out soon but in the meantime make sure you order some of their divinely lovely valentine's day cards for those special people you love in your life.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

seeing spots

woah! for today only, madewell is offering 40% off insider favorites.  here are my clothing & accessories picks. you could say i'm quite dotty for them.

1 madewell chain mini bag
2 (from sephora) stilla's smudge pot & liquid eye liner
3. madewell pattern notebook
6. madewell minidress

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a creativity exploration

yesterday i had a blog post all ready to go.
i was just about to hit publish & i hesitated.
i thought to myself, 'what are my readers going to get out of this post?'

one of my 2013 resolutions is to grow my blog and a fundamental part of that is developing more original content.  & last night i found myself questioning my creative process.  i mean, if i felt uninspired by my unpublished post - well i can be pretty sure my readers will too. when i started style cuddle i wanted to share what inspires me - whether it's a color or a piece of art, a photo, a dress, a quote, or anything.

which got me thinking: how do you stay inspired everyday? what inspires the creative process? 

now, as a fan of 30 day challenges & projects - here is something i am developing & is a journey i want to embark on with you, my dear cuddler: a creativity exploration.

and it starts now.

over the coming weeks i'll be asking friends, family, artists, designers, anyone & of course, you: simply, what inspires you?  what have been your sources for inspiration?  what makes you want to make?

comment below, tweet me @stylecuddle, or send a note to with a photo, word, a song, a poem, an image, a sentence, or well - anything - of what keeps you inspired & i'd love to share it!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

flower power

more than ever i've been having this huge thang for flowers. maybe because it's winter & i'm craving spring. i picked up a bouquet of yellow tulips the other day and it is just delightful seeing them bloom. i have it right by my desk & it makes me smile every time i look over.  & there are just so many creative ways to display an arrangement - an old mason jar, a clear bottle, an old tin, even a coffee cup - can all be used to highlight one bloom or many. 

images top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
& follow style cuddle's flower power board on pinterest for more ideas & inspiration

Thursday, January 10, 2013

happy birthday style cuddle

style cuddle is one year old today! 

one year & 159 posts later...
i can't believe it!

all i can say is thank you to all my readers, my friends & family - your words of encouragement, feedback & support is so meaningful to me as i grow style cuddle.

i am excited to continue developing this blog in 2013.  it's certainly been an amazing process so far. i'm getting ready to buy a (second hand) digital slr camera to share the more intimate details of an english gal's life in america & capture the special things i see around me everyday. i really want to weave in a lot more original content. so watch this space for that. i'm  also trying to figure out more outfit/personal style posts (erm, remember this disaster?) & am also considering contributors (hey - get in touch with me at with your pitch!).

i look forward to spending more time with you throughout the year and again: thank you, thank you, thank you.

as always, lots of cuddles 

♥ melissa ♥ 

 marilyn monroe image via here

getting back in touch

do this right now: think of someone who you haven't seen in a long time.  i mean a really long time.  now send them an email, write them a card or telephone them. & then arrange to meet up (or a skype session if they live far away).  last night i met up with a friend who i went to graduate school with for margaritas & tacos at la superior in williamsburg.  i think the last time we saw each other was at a graduation party in 2010. crazy! i realised with social media it is so easy to fall out of touch with friends while thinking & feeling like i am still in touch. i see my friend's photos from her texas vacation, she sees my snaps from my london work trip. i mean, i love seeing my friends news but i don't hear the stories - the good & and the bad.  so that person you've been meaning to reconnect with? do it. do it right now. it will take just two minutes and you'll make each others day.
& la superior is the perfect spot to catch up at!

la superior is located at 295 berry street, between s2nd & s3rd. the tacos are delicious & the drinks are strong.
photos taken by moi, using the afterglow app

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

artistically inspired

inspiration comes in all types of forms. i love the muted tones in some of these letter press pieces by dutch designer & painter karel martens. i feel just fashionably inspired by this palette - the cobalt blue, pastel pink & pistachio green.  perfection!
3. sephora by opi key lime pie 
5. aldo loafer (on sale and free shipping)
6. equipment brett silk shirt 
7. j.crew striped sweater
9. j crew oxford shirt

all karel martens image found via here & thanks to little paper planes for sharing these pieces

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

go bright or go home

all because it's winter doesn't mean you have to be bleak in black or boring in beige. when it's a dreary day outside i feel it's all the more reason to add pops of color to my outfit. plus i guarantee you will make at least one person smile - i dare you to prove me wrong!  so go bright or go home (unless you happen to live in one of these notting hill flats - see how fun brights can be?!)

notting hill image via here
4. marc by marc jacobs henry dinky watch
5. kate spade yellow taxi mittens (on sale!)
8. madewell chevron cuff in retro turquoise (also available in crushed coral)
9. oasap cat baret
10 loefller randall colorblock lock clutch

style cuddle is on facebook!

hello gorgeous! i created a facebook page for style cuddle! like it here for some extra cuddles, extra style. thank you lovely!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

lauren moffatt ss2013

yesterday i was walking through park slope and stumbled into a recently opened boutique called poppy. it was seriously lush in there & i adored just about everything. i also loved the amazing collection of lauren moffatt on display - which resulted in a gush session with the shop gal about how much we adore moffatt's deisgns. we also talked about how excited we are for the upcoming spring line - and i thought what a perfect style cuddle for this cold winter nyc day. what a perfect escape.  it sure is winter out there and it probably be a lot more awesome if i had one of moffatt's coats, like this one (which is also available in store at poppy located on 217 5th avenue, between president and union street, brooklyn 11215).
Lauren Moffatt Spring 2013 NYFW Presentation from Lauren Moffatt on Vimeo.

Friday, January 4, 2013

friday night in - time to hunker down

between recovering from the holiday mayhem and those cold night finally setting in, it's that time of year to hunker down... and here are instructions for a style cuddler's perfect night in.
recipe movie spa

1. set the mood with a gorgeous scented dyptique candle.

2. cook a yummy dinner.  for me, there is nothing like noodles.  a pasta dish is a fave treat. i'm curious to test this fettucine with butternut squash & brown butter butter & sage dish out (i'd substitute the butter for olive oil for a healthier option and i'd use a whole grain pasta).

3. watch a movie.  i recently streamed on netflix small beautiful moving parts (top image) and the ballet documentary, first position (middle image). i loved them both.  i also stress the importance of having a guilty pleasure to watch.  that was katy perry's a part of me (bottom image) - loosely a "documentary" following her on tour.  darn that girl works hard! it's inspiring. i also adored perfect pitch.  way too funny.

4. have you read grace coddington's memoir yet? it's on my list! i loved her in the vogue documentary, the september issue (oooh - another fab movie that is streaming on netflix. it's fascinating). 
and then create a spa for yourself!  do a facial (i'm a huge dr. hauschka nut when it comes to anything face-related).  try a steam bath and a mask.  give yourself a manicure.  i just picked up this essie shade "sugar daddy" as i've been really into more neutral/nude shades lately.  have a bubble bath & moisturize with a luxe lotion like this body butter from bliss. tip: i actually get a lot of luxury bath and professional hair products from tj maxx - it's like my secret arsenal for supplies & it's usually a good $10 cheaper than any where else.   

5. don't forget to take a deep breath! dr. andrew weil has three breathing exercises. give yourself five minutes & give one a go. 

6. & last but not at all least, how cute & cozy are these slippers from accessorize?! way. too. freakin. adorable.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

nice photo shoot - style inspiration!

i recently stumbled on these photos shot by anja verdugo for summerland's look book. love the vintage-y vibe. styled by megan hart.

& the helga dress (worn in the top image) is on sale, style cuddlers! 
the cat shirt by design team twenty seven names (seen in the second shirt) is way too cute. 
...and btw, how cool are these socks?

photos shot via anja verdugo

Tuesday, January 1, 2013