Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a creativity exploration

yesterday i had a blog post all ready to go.
i was just about to hit publish & i hesitated.
i thought to myself, 'what are my readers going to get out of this post?'

one of my 2013 resolutions is to grow my blog and a fundamental part of that is developing more original content.  & last night i found myself questioning my creative process.  i mean, if i felt uninspired by my unpublished post - well i can be pretty sure my readers will too. when i started style cuddle i wanted to share what inspires me - whether it's a color or a piece of art, a photo, a dress, a quote, or anything.

which got me thinking: how do you stay inspired everyday? what inspires the creative process? 

now, as a fan of 30 day challenges & projects - here is something i am developing & is a journey i want to embark on with you, my dear cuddler: a creativity exploration.

and it starts now.

over the coming weeks i'll be asking friends, family, artists, designers, anyone & of course, you: simply, what inspires you?  what have been your sources for inspiration?  what makes you want to make?

comment below, tweet me @stylecuddle, or send a note to stylecuddle@gmail.com with a photo, word, a song, a poem, an image, a sentence, or well - anything - of what keeps you inspired & i'd love to share it!

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