Friday, November 16, 2012

tick tock! my fave men's style gold watches

i love a chunky mens style gold watch.  it's a fab piece of (practical) jewelry and a great accessory (major bling bling!).  pile on the bracelets for some arm swag or simply wear it on it's own.  either way i never leave my house without it. but can someone answer me this: even though i wear my watch everyday & set it a few minutes ahead, why is it that i manage almost always to run five minutes late?
02 michael kors runway watch - i love the contrast of gold and black in this watch's face
03 kate spade gramercy round bracelet watch & 04 kate spade chronograph brooklyn bracelet watch - these two kate spade designs offer more delicate features on this chunky look
05 michael kors rose gold chronograph watch - this is the watch i picked for my birthday present last year and i wear it almost everyday.  i chose the rose gold so it could match both gold and silver jewelry & i also liked the white face cause it makes it feel bright.
06 casio gold digital watch - this was the very first chunky gold men's style watch i picked up back in 2008. i called it my old man's watch. almost five years later i still have it and it's still working.  i never have had to get the battery replaced! amazing. & for those in london, i picked mine up much cheaper at an argos!
07 nixon the time teller watch

oh! random watch fact: did you know that when they photograph watches they always set them at ten past ten? the reason because it makes it look like the watch is smiling!

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